Government Relations

iStock_000002008150XSmallWhat is the best approach to take to ensure your issue gets the attention of politicians and legislators? How do you identify and approach government decision makers? Sibal Writing & Consulting can help push your agenda.

In today’s uncertain political and economic environment, it is now more critical for organizations to their present policy position to government in a clear, professional and convincing manner. Whether you are dealing with the municipal, provincial or federal level of government, Sibal Writing & Consulting has the specialized qualifications, experience and expertise needed to understand the big picture:  the role of key stakeholders and decision-makers, detailed knowledge of the public policy and legislative development process and the current policy agenda at different levels of government. We know how to best align your policy issue with the government’s policy goals. We can assist with:

  • Identifying and Establishing Key Contacts in Government
  • Targeted Issues Analysis to Support Strategic Decision Making
  • Preparing Briefings, Minister Information Packages, Speeches, Talking Points, and Fact Sheets
  • Tracking Legislative and Committee Proceedings
  • Developing Advocacy Campaigns
  • Drafting and Coordinating Letters to Politicians
  • Organizing Petitions

Complete Grant Proposal Support

With reduced levels of government funding for social and health care programs, there’s tremendous competition among organizations for available grant money. If your organization is looking to fund a community-based initiative, we can identify grant opportunities, liaise with potential funders, help with the grant application process and produce a sharp, successful proposal. Not only have we supported many organizations with developing grant applications, we’ve liaised with funders to interpret their guidelines and procedures and have prepared ongoing progress reports for many clients.

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