It’s a Great Time to be a Canadian, eh!

It’s the month of July. You know it’s officially summer by the warm weather and Canada Day always marks the beginning of two months of beautiful sunshine for most of the country.

This year, Canada turns 146. And there were fantastic shows of patriotism across our great country – seas of red and white in every city, every town, every province, coast-to-coast. United we are!

So, feeling blessed and thankful that we live in a country where we have freedom of expression, a strong dollar, stellar music legends ranging from Bryan Adams, Celine Dion, Carly Rae Jepson and the Biebs (ok, some may question this last one in this classification of legends), poutine, our beloved Tim’s coffee and hockey, I really enjoyed reading Maclean’s magazine’s current issue (July 8, 2013). It showcases 99 reasons why it’s better to be a Canadian and not an American. In case you missed it, here are my top 5 favourite picks along with my own thoughts on why it’s way cooler to be a Canadian these days:

5. Canada is a more peaceful country. Canada was recently ranked the 8th most peaceful country in the world. The U.S. was ranked the 99th.

4. More Canadians give the charities – 64% compared to 60% in the U.S.

3. We have smart kids. Our 15 year-olds recently scored 10 out of 65 countries that participate in the OECD’s reading, math and science tests; in 2009 we were sixth in this ranking. American teens scored 17th. If you’re the parent of a teen, give yourself a pat on the back.

2. Our federal and provincial levels of government have more female politicians responsible for governing 87% of Canada’s population. In comparison, America has just 5 female governors. We’ve also accepted having the first openly gay Premier in Ontario – Kathleen Wynne – yet her sexual orientation has never been an issue in her ability to govern our province effectively. Nor should it be. We are a more accepting and inclusive society.

1. Canada still attracts more immigrants: 5.65 per 1,000 people compared to the U.S. with 3.64 per 1,000. We are a true cultural mosaic where we celebrate diversity – we’re not the melting pot.

And how about our former Bank of Canada Mark Carney taking over as top chief at the Bank of England to clean up their financial mess. As the first non-British governor in the bank’s 319-year history, Carney is charged with instituting reforms to the Bank of England with hopes to turn around England’s struggling economy. Canada was the only G7 country that did not need a banking bailout during the financial crisis of 2008.

I could cite more examples of Canadian pride. You probably have yours.

Happy Canada Day!

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